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The autastic social club

Private. Personal. Real.

  • Monthly live social events held via free video conferencing (at this time, we’re using Zoom).
  • A private discussion group to complement our live get-togethers and to keep the conversation going in-between events.
  • 3 months of free access for all then $5/mth to contribute to the costs of hosting the service. Cancel at any time.

Our monthly Autastic Social Club gatherings are:

  • Scheduled on the first Friday of each month at a time that allows simultaneous participation from every time zone. This may be very early or very late for some but still during common waking hours.
  • Loosely structured around one topic per event to help discussion flow freely and to allow us to share knowledge, as we do.
  • Held on a widely available and free video conferencing platform (at this time, we’re using Zoom).
  • Accessible to most via live captioning. For other accessibility needs, contact me.
  • As with all communities and events, the Autastic Social Club is available to and accepting of all autistic adults regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, national origin, ethnicity, ability, economic status, political affiliation, or other feature that makes you, you.
  • See our Community Guidelines for the ways we keep our events #ForUsByUs.

Information and links to monthly events are available to members only. Sign up to get yours.

3 Months Free

Everyone deserves access to a community of peers. Access to Autastic Social Club live member gatherings & our private discussion group are free for three months. Participants may then choose to cancel or contribute $5/mth to fund the  same opportunity for access for others.



It was new for me to be in a social situation and realize that however I showed up was okay. I really enjoyed that. Thank you!

Katy P.* / Autastic Social Club Member

I’m self-diagnosed and overall, I think this group is a haven for those of us who don’t fit elsewhere and are just getting to grips with the idea that autistics come in all shapes and sizes. 

Michele W.* / Autastic Social Club Member

I really enjoyed being in a social club with like minded people and of course people who are in the ASD family. Thank you!

Maddie S.* / Autastic Social Club Member

I’ve never felt safe speaking up in other spaces but here I do.

Sovann B.* / Autastic Social Club Member

Gotta say, this is the best group I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. 

DeShawn F.* / Autastic Social Club Member

My self esteem has improved drastically since realizing I’m autistic and joining this group. I accept myself as exactly who I’m supposed to be instead of feeling “broken”. I’m so much happier with myself. 

Marta C.* / Autastic Social Club Member

*Identities withheld for privacy. Images are models

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