Learn, grow, and find community for a more authentic, autistic you.

You asked for a community space where all of autistic life is up for discussion, where you can share your passions and expertise with other late-identified autistic friends, where you can organize live virtual events or schedule local meetups, and more.

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Whoever you are, however you identify, and whatever fascinates you, we have a conversation or space dedicated to you.


Learn alongside respected #ActuallyAutistic advocates who have come together to share their knowledge and connect with you.

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Our small, private community has zero ads, an easy-to-use app, and loads of customization features to make it work for you.

Whether you’ve recently discovered you’re autistic, have known for years, or are questioning, come find growth, guidance, and community with people you get you.


One of the most exciting parts of The Autastic.com Community is access to respected autistic advocates who have come together to share their knowledge with you. They are not only peer Guides but are community members, just like you.

Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu
Author, Educator, Advocate


Morénike is a parent and advocate who joined our community to share a lifetime of learning about working for change.

Danielle Sullivan
Creator, The Neurodiverging Podcast


Danielle is a certified life coach and parent of two. Her mission is to help the neurodivergent community find the resources we need to live better lives.

Carole Jean Whittington
Founder, Mind Your Autistic Brain


Carole Jean, a.k.a. The Social Autie, combines science with easy to implement steps in a low-stress, low-pressure approach to personal growth.

Diane J. Wright
Founder, Autastic.com


Diane created The Autastic Community to bring late-identified autistic adults the joy and connection we deserve. In everything, #AutisticBIPoC come first.

And more oF YOUR FAVORITE advocates are ON THE WAY!

To request an advocate you admire or to become an Autastic.com Community Guide, get in touch.

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Come to a small community where every part of the experience is created from our perspective. This is 100% ours, built by us and sustained by us.

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