Autistic YouTube

YouTube is a great place to find autistic adults — especially those of us who learned we’re autistic well into adulthood — sharing their experiences. Learn about yourself through those who get what it’s like to be us.

Autastic YouTube Playlists

New to Autism? Start Here!
Autistic Pride
Autistic Health & Wellbeing
Adult ASD Diagnosis & Discovery
The World of Autistic Senses
Autism & Communication
Autistic Executive Function
Relationships On & Off The Spectrum
Overwhelm, Meltdown, Shutdown, and Burnout
Autism at Work, School, and Adulting
Autistic POC
Aging Autistically
ASD Researchers
About Autism As Told By Non-Autistic People

Disclaimer: We have not watched each and every second of each and every video selected. The intent is to bring together our voices and by doing so, offer a cross-section of opinions, information, and experiences. No stance is taken by the collections. No endorsements offered. It is on you to do your homework to verify anything that catches your interest. We cool? Good. Personal responsibility is a fabulous thing. Moving right along.

Do you make ASD YouTube videos?

If you’re a video creator, let us know when you have a clip you’d like included. Your voice counts and deserves to be heard. Head on over to our contact form and give us the 411 or tweet us @WeAreAutastic.

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